The ultimate expression of Luxury according to MooRER: a unique product that combines the elegance and sophistication
of an iconic model for the brand with an exclusive material that comes from the cool Andes mountains. 


The style is clean, classic, timeless…


mountains. The style is clean, classic, timeless… Each detail is meticulously cared: from the front closure with buttons in horn, to the invisible zippers, to the internal lining.


But what makes this item so precious is hidden, it can only be discretely seen from the shine of its fabric: MooRER decided to realize it in Vicuña. This protected species is very rare and it produces one of the finest materials of the world, to the point that it has been called “the God’s fleece”.


The fibre is even thinner and softer than the cachemire and is meticulously controlled from the cutting, to the weaving, to the finishing, to ensure the excellence of its quality.


Considering the preciousness of this product, MooRER produces only a very small number of pieces, which are tailor-made for you.