In creating and manufacturing its sophisticated and exclusive garments, MooRER stands out for the accuracy and precision applied to their production processes, focusing on a simple and refined look with special attention paid to the details. However it is the MooRER PHILOSOPHY that really distinguishes them in always selecting only the best of what the market has to offer, to achieve the highest levels of quality and comfort, and this is what MADE IN ITALY really means.


Moorer jeans are tailored pieces wholly made in Italy, with very specific characteristics of materials and fabrication which distinguish them. These are the distinctive elements of MOORER “LUXURY QUALITY” jeans:



Denim is a cotton fabric usually with a white or ecru weft whilst the warp is blue. The high quality cotton of our jeans comes from America, Cameroon and Australia where the best harvests are selected with the characteristic of having a longer fibre, over 30 mm: this guarantees greater resistance to wear and to washing.

Today the denim that is most appreciated for its quality and feel to the touch is mostly woven in Japan and is made on old looms from the 1930s and 1950s which make the weaving process slower and less precise, but it is these imperfections and peculiarities which give character and quality to the denim.

The fabric which is produced on these old looms is much shorter than that of the new generation of looms, therefore – as well as production being slower – a larger quantity of fabric is needed to make a piece.

On some of these particularly short fabrics (about 85 cm), there is the selvedge which marks the sides of the fabric and is made with a greater number of threads and is in different colours, usually white and red. These fabrics are used to make the SELVEDGE JEANS which can be recognized by these edges of a different colour which are mainly present inside the piece, on the edges of the seam of the outside leg. This solution distinguishes pieces of an even greater quality because the worn fabric will be more than double compare to others and will also have an ancient look in reference to the origins of the weaving and manufacturing of the jeans.

The dying process of the cloth is another important component for high quality denim : our jeans are dyed with colourings of plant origin which require a more challenging technique and procedure but which guarantee a result in line with the tradition of jeans, keeping the piece alive in time.


All our jeans are made in Italy by our expert workshops with a long-standing tradition. All the phases of manufacturing are followed with maniacal attention, from the thread used to the edges, to the reinforcements both on the outside and the inside of the piece, in order to obtain a tidy and neat appearance but also to last longer in time.


The attention for quality and to detail normally present in our collections are reflected in the choice of the accessories. Buttons, rivets and leather labels, as well as being made of materials of very high quality, are strictly selected, fabricated and polished individually and meet the highest international standards.


Attention and care to detail is another strongpoint of MooRER, and one of the primary features that identifies a garment that is SUPERIOR to those normally found on the market.


To ensure long life to your garment, carefully follow the washing instructions given inside, and take the normal care and attention that you naturally pay to your top quality possessions.