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Long sweaters are perfect for those who want to feel elegant and refined without sacrificing comfort. The minimalist silhouettes and comfortable fits make them perfect for looks that are both sophisticated and casual at the same time. Wool fleeces, however, are the perfect option for those who prefer a sporty yet still flawless style. MooRER’s strength lies in its attention to hand-worked detailing, demonstrated by every piece in the collection. Colourful cardigans, for example, are exquisitely knit pieces combining expert craftsmanship and the creative flair of designers. When choosing women’s knitwear by MooRER, you’re embracing a world of style and elegance, where quality and attention to detail are the norm. Come discover the whole collection, where you can create a whole host of different looks, which are always in step with the latest trends, from the vast selection of pieces available, like MooRER’s hand-crafted down jackets.